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DBL, TDB, PFL, Ancillary and Worksite Benefits

About Us

At MSM General / Multi-line Statutory Managers, we specialize in the New York DBL, New Jersey TDB and Paid Family Leave, as well as offering the complimentary group and worksite benefits.  Our main function is to act strictly as a marketing arm allowing your agency access to the unique blend of carriers we represent. MSM, will absorb all production requirements with zero passed on to your agency. With regards to marketing, we make it standard practice to handle each account, regardless of size, with the same care and concern. Upon completion of our marketing efforts, we will provide a complete & detailed rate-sheet for your review.

In the event you wish to bind coverage through MSM, we will license your agency with the respective carrier and list your office as producer on the account. This process works in your favor two-fold; 1) your agency is recognized as the producer on the risk and 2) it enables each carrier to release commissions on a direct basis. In addition to the aforementioned, you will receive the same commission structure as if you wrote the account on a direct basis. Note, in many instances, due to our High Producer status with several carriers, you may receive more commissions than you would direct. Through this marketing arrangement, it’s as if you receive our service at no cost to your agency.

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